Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Glastonbury 2009 Report.Part 1

Thanks a lot to Sacha for most of these photo's,keep 'em coming folks.

Part 1,I Walked Out One Midsummers Morning.

It had been four long years since my last Glastonbury and a series of mis-fortunes had stopped me going since but finally the big day arrived and i threw back the curtains and....it was raining.I wasn't down-hearted though because i knew it was going to be hot later.Tony the Taxi dropped me off at the station which was teeming with music fans plus a few bemused old age pensioners on their way to Weymouth for the day.We all squeezed in the little train for the 26 minute journey to the small sleepy little Somerset town of Castle Cary which comes to life one week a year.There we were all piled on to the non-stop shuttle bus service to the festival site at Pilton.All the rucksacks and tents took up nearly half of the bus.Eventually the famous Glastonbury Tor could be seen in the distance and we knew we were sailing into the mystic of the ancient Isle Of Avalon.You should have heard the gasps of amazement from the people who were about to experience the worlds greatest festival for the first time when they first sighted the huge four mile long 12 feet high security fence,curling like a long silvery primordial snake across the verdant hillsides.

The ancient double decker bus arrived at the temporary bus station at pedestrian gate 2 and we headed for the entrance.The day before it had been chaotic with 90,000 people arriving two days before the music even started and even now early in the morning thousends of people an hour were still pouring in.Luckily for me when i showed my site crew ticket i was ushered through without having to queue for a wrist band.I was back in the hallowed fields of dreams,it felt great.My next task was to haul my ass,my heavy rucksack and my tent to my camping area at the very top of the site.It was called Tom's Field and was right up by the farmhouse and uphill all the way.I was sweating like a piglet when i finally arrived.I reported for duty at the office and received my wristband,laminate ID and my recycling crew T shirt and was told to report back at 7.00 for a meeting.Even Tom's field was wedged with tents but i managed to find a space to put up my little home for the next 4 days.I threw my rucksack inside and went for a walk down Muddy Lane looking through the hedge as i went to spot my friends colourful bunting that they always ring their circle of tents with.Walking up the lane coming towards me who should i meet but my sister Margaret and her partner Wayne.Amongst 200,000 people i had found them in about 10 minutes.

I was gagging for a pint so we went to the Queens Head Bar and sat on the grass and chilled out and Margaret and Wayne spotted a friend of theirs, Mary who had just arrived.Later that day i was to meet up with the rest of the gang from England, Ireland and South Africa.I'll move on quickly now because i'm tired.I decided to go for a long walk on my own and strolled all the way up the hill till i reached the Sacred Space and the Stone Circle and the Healing Fields.The sky turned black and it turned dark and still and then the western wind blew up the hill and i got caught in a violent thunderstorm and saw great flashes of lightning.I ran for cover under a tree and thought "Hang on a minute,trees and lightning are not good bed fellows".I walked back down to camp and got soaked,i was colder than a well diggers ass but i didn't care because although i was wet i was happy.At 7.00 i went to the meeting and our team leader didn't turn up.We were assured he would be there in the morning.I can't remember what i did for the rest of Thursday evening except it involved alcohol,campfires and jokes.I fell into my tent at about 1.00,set my alarm for 4.30 and fell asleep immediately into restful slumbers totally unaware of the drama that was about to unfold across the site.

To be continued..................


Anonymous said...

Great site. Looking forward to the next installment.


Pat said...

Thanks for your comment Sacha.You will be in part 3,a whole sentence!,so look out for that.

Cheers, Pat.