Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Glastonbury Report Part 2.

My alarm woke me at 4.30 to the pitter-patter of rain on my tent."Oh No",i thought as i struggled to pull on my wellie boots,"Here we go,another Glastonbury mud-fest".I had a slug of water and an aspirin and headed for the workers marquee for breakfast which was the best meal of the day here.It was all vegetarian food this year and i don't mind being veggie but most of it was really bland and not much choice.Still,it was free and it must be difficult catering for the 1,200 recycling staff.6.00 arrived and all the other teams set off for work.There was still no sign of our team leader,i found the other members of our team,there were 8 of us in all.I was the only old git.The most friendly was Bev from Manchester,then there was a nice girl from Falmouth,Cornwall called Stacy who i called Spacy Stacy and her boyfriend Joe,Eric and his girlfriend Becca from up north somewhere and a couple of lads who didn't say a lot but were nice people,i think one was called Chris and i can't remember the other ones name,sorry mate.I find the older workers have more stamina than the youngsters and after a lifetime of menial work this was no problem for me.We were supposed to be Rear Markets A Team which i had applied for because i know from doing it before that it's a good number.We all went to the office to complain and they told us to go and join the Pyramid Stage team.This is the worst job of all so i was very disgruntled as i trudged down the hill through the fields all misty wet with rain.The sun was coming out and steam was rising off the grass.

150 people were put in a long line in front of the Pyramid Stage and given 3 types of bags,Green for cans and plastic bottles,white for bio-degradable such as paper cups,plates, beer cartons,cardboard, newspaper,wooden knives,forks and spoons etc and thrown away food.This is all made into compost.Black bags were for anything that can't be re-cycled.I stuck a few bags in my belt and the line moved slowly up the hill away from the stage.As no bands had played on this stage yet it wasn't too bad but i could imagine the mess tomorrow after 100,000 people had watched Neil Young and i didn't fancy it one bit.Everyone had been wondering who the 'Surprise Guests' were who had been advertised in the programme and as we worked i heard Bev say "What about Michael Jackson".I turned around and said,"They wouldn't have him as surprise guest",and she said,"No, he is dead".I didn't believe it and thought it was just one of the many Glastonbury rumours that you get every year.It soon became apparent that it was true as everyone was talking about it.That very morning Michael Jackson RIP T shirts were on sale in the market areas.Later it emerged that Farrah Fawcett was dead as well.There wasn't a sombre atmosphere though,in fact quite the reverse,Michael Jackson jokes spread like wildfire across the site.

Anyway,the shift went quickly and we ended up helping out the crew who were cleaning up the stone circle area which is where most of the partying had happened the night before.We found thousands of laughing gas containers.This is the craze sweeping the nation,inhaling nitrous oxide.The containers are made from surgical steel so quite valuable as scrap.We were finished by 11.00 and our little band of brothers and sisters were told to report to the office the next morning at 11.30.
I had 24 hours now to see some bands and have some fun.It was going to be a long day!

To Be Continued..........

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