Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Glastonbury 2009 Report,Part 8

I must pay special tribute to Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis who as a child used to camp out in the woods at Worthy Farm and wish he had some friends to share it with and ended up inviting 200,000 people to the farm.Every year he gives millions to Greenpeace, Water Aid and Oxfam and other charities.That is part of what makes Glastonbury the best festival in the world.Thanks Michael.

Monday morning arrived at Glastonbury to the sound of rain on my tent.It chucked it down but it only lasted about 20 minutes and then it was really nice sunny weather for the rest of the day.Our little band of brothers and sisters known as 'the rejects' had one more shift to do and as if by magic they had finally found us a team leader.He was called Andy and was a really nice bloke and he took us off to do the job that we had signed up for.It was great and put us in a really good mood.The stall holders were really friendly and one of them brought us out 9 cups of coffee and 9 bacon rolls.He was Welsh and the kindness of strangers is always welcome.Monday morning is the best time to go shopping at Glastonbury because you can haggle and get some really good bargains.I knew i had to get Kim a present and we got to a clothes stall and they were throwing away stuff they couldn't be bothered to take home.It was really good quality and i got Kim a really nice jacket, dress and skirt which saved me a lot of money.(I didn't tell her i got them free,so if you see her,mums the word!)

The shift past really quickly and was good fun apart from one dodgy moment.We were walking along and i wasn't paying attention and we met the Pyramid Stage Crew coming the other way and i looked up and suddenly i was lost in a crowd of 150 litter pickers all wearing the same T Shirt.Luckily Andy sent someone to find me and all was well.We finished early and helped another team and finally at 12.00 we all chucked our gloves in a black rubbish bag and we were finished.It was sad to see the end of our team that stuck together despite everything.

Bleary eyed revellers were leaving the site by the thousands every hour.Apparently there were 5 hour delays in the car parks to get out.I was in no hurry to go though and went to visit my friends who were all taking their tents down.I said i'd call back later and went back to camp and had a shower and a shave and put on my cleanest dirty clothes so i didn''t go home looking like a complete bag of s.....Then i used up the last of my meal tickets and went back and said cheerio to all my mates who were leaving.

Finally about 4.00 i started taking down my little home of 4 days and packed my rucksack and headed back across the site to the Bus Station.The elderly bus was waiting and as it creaked it's way onto the main road i took one last lingering look back at Worthy Farm.The magical kingdom was already fading once more into the mists of Avalon.Soon the Pyramid Stage and the fence would come down The clean up operation would go on for weeks and then field by field Daisy, Buttercup,Ermintrude and all the other cows would return and start munching contentedly on the lush pasture and peace would return to Worthy Farm until next year.when everyone would meet once again down by Avalon in the long grass in the summertime in England and the healing has begun!


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