Monday, July 06, 2009

My Glastonbury Report, Part 5.

Thanks a lot to Bev for sending me the picture of our recycling gang 'The Rejects'.I look terrible.Nevermind!

Saturday morning at Glastonbury i was awake at 6.00 and i knew today was going to be a hot one as there wasn't a cloud in the sky.I hadn't brought a hat with me so after breakfast i got myself a straw hat in the market area for £10.00 which i begrudged because i knew i'd never wear it again after Glasto.The morning past quickly and at 11.30 our team met up at the office to find out what had become of our leader.Bev had christened our group 'The Rejects' because nobody seemed to want us.We were assured that we were doing the rear markets area which was a relief and told to report back at 1.00 and we only had to work till 6.00 which i was pleased about because i wanted to see Crosby Stills and Nash at 6.00.While waiting for 1.00 to come around i managed to catch a bit of TINARIWEN who are a band of Mali tribesmen who sounded really good and must have felt at home here in the blazing sun and the Tuareg campfires.Finally at 1.30 they found someone to take us to the market areas.I think the other team members were really pleased when they realised what a good job this was because most of the stall holders were really good at keeping the back areas tidy and we just had to pick up a bit of garbage and tidy up he cardboard bins etc.Passing the Other Stage we heard some of THE SCRIPT's set.I had never heard of them,i think they are an Irish band but they didn't sound that great to me

A little later we leaned on one of the market gates and watched some of PETE DOHERTY's set.I think he was drunk as usual but who am i to criticise for that?.Walking along the roadway near the Pyramid Stage we we passed by this huge black bus and i am pretty certain on the front seats i spotted Graham Nash and Dave Crosby looking out of the window at the sights of the festival,they were smiling and looking really well.I found out later that Bruce Springsteen had already arrived and was soaking up the atmosphere.Bruce turned up at the John Peel stage and joined fellow New Jersey band GASLIGHT ANTHEM on stage and stayed to watch PASSION PIT.I couldn't wait to finish work that day!. At the end of the shift we we told to report for work at 6.00 the next morning.

As soon as i could i dashed to the Pyramid where CROSBY STILLS and NASH were already 4 songs into their set.It was still really hot and i stood by the mixing desk area because it's shadow gave some relief from the sun.The first song i heard was Rock And Roll Woman and it was great to see them on stage.I was especially pleased to see Dave Crosby because it is a miracle he is still alive after his liver transplant etc and Steve Stills looked well also,he looked a lot better than in photos i had seen and he is still a great guitarist.The next song was dedicated to Jerry Garcia,Uncle John's Band which was great.Then one of my favourite CSN songs Helplessly Hoping followed by a beautiful version of Guinnivere, 'had green eyes, like yours, milady like yours',i sang along as this music was just perfect for the sunny weather,terrific harmonies.Then a real surprise for me when they sang The Stones Ruby Tuesday which took me right back to the Melanie concert i had seen only 4 weeks before but seemed like a million years ago.Then Dave Crosby said "Steve Stills writes great Rock n Roll,Nash writes the anthems and i do the wierd shit".A great version of Deja Vu followed from their great album which they made with Neil Young and i thought what a shame it was that they were at the same festival as Neil but on different days.The heavy political message of Chicago followed and seemed as relevant now as when they wrote it all those years ago.A great Dave Crosby song,Almost Cut My Hair was next and made me decide to grow my hair again and let my freak flag fly,oh yes! Steve Stills classic Buffalo Springfield song,For What It's Worth followed and was quite brilliant.They left the stage and i could see Michael Eavis at the side of the stage giving them warm applause.Then they returned for Wooden Ships which Crosby wrote with the Jefferson Airplane and it took me right back to their historic appearance at Woodstock in 1969 and i wondered if this appearance was their biggest festival appearance since.They finished with Teach Your Children and i had a bit of a dance around on my own to this one.They really milked the applause but they deserved it.In some ways i enjoyed this performance even more than Neil Young, probably because i was sober as a judge and could recall it all.Neils performance seemed like a blurred dream because i was so tired and drunk and it was only by quizzing people that i could remember all the songs afterwards.

Back at the campsite i told Laurence that i thought CSN was one of the all time great appearances.After that i just chilled out for a while and then Katherine,Laurence,Sacha,Sean and i made our way towards the front of the stage.The stage was set,It was time for the man they call THE BOSS!!.

To Be Continued.....................

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