Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My Glastonbury Report, Part 7

Thanks very much to Katherine for the terrific photo's.They are brilliant Katherine.If you click on any pic it makes it even bigger.

It was Sunday morning at Glastonbury 09 and i woke up at 5.00 all bleary eyed and goopy.I had only about 90 minutes sleep,I really did not fancy work at all,i didn't have a hangover though ,just completely exhausted but still buzzing from the events of the night before.'The Rejects' were seconded to the team cleaning up the front of the market area's starting at the cider bus which was one of the filthiest area's of the site.I have got true grit though and got stuck in.A woman was in charge who tried to jolly everyone along."OK guys, we have a lot to do today and i am losing my voice,i've only had an hours sleep", "Your not the only one", i thought to myself.I made myself busy though, even pushing the wheelbarrow carrying the rubbish bags.It was especially bad around the litter bins which had overflowed and there was all sorts of crap to be picked up.Never mind, somebody has to clean up the mess and i don't mind doing it.Because we were so busy the time went really quickly.I met two really nice Australian girls who were back packers and somehow ended up at Glastonbury.We even got into one of the hospitality area's for drinks.When the shift ended i walked past the Pyramid and STATUS QUO were on stage.They were on at the first festival i ever attended at Lincoln In 1972.I didn't like them then and i don't like them now.Walking up the lane who should i meet but Dominic my nephew."Do you fancy a pint?",i asked and we headed for the bucolic surroundings of the beer tent at the Acoustic and met up with Margaret, Wayne, Katherine,Laurence, Bernadette and Mary.What a great little gathering it was,sitting on the grass in the sunshine and chatting about the events of the night before.In the background was the music of LUCY WAINWRIGHT ROCHE,MARTIN HARLEY and KATIE WALSH.We weren't really listening though, having more fun chatting and telling jokes.

All things must pass and eventually i thought i better get back to base and have some grub and clean up a bit.I had been friendly with Danny,my neighbour in the next tent since Thursday when i lent him my hammer to bang his tent pegs in with and i got Danny to take my photo outside my tent and i took one of him.Then we had a stroll down and watched a bit of TOM JONES who was going down really well with the audience who were in the mood for a sing song to Delilah and all his other hits.Tom isn't my cup of tea at all but i quite enjoyed his version of You're Unbelievable,a hit for EMF i think.

Danny wanted to see MADNESS but i wasn't bothered about that so i just went for a walk and sat in various beer tents.I did catch the opening 20 minutes of NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS.They sounded really great and dedicated their set to Farrah Fawcett so no mention of Michael Jackson there then. I wanted to see ROGER McGUINN and met up with Margaret and Wayne again.I always imagined Roger as a real big headed arrogant git,i don't know where i got that idea from because he came across as a really nice guy.He started with You Ain't Going Nowhere and Pretty Boy Floyd from one of my favourite albums 'Sweetheart Of The Rodeo' when the Byrds and Gram Parsons invented the genre of Country Rock.In between the songs Roger told lots of interesting anecdotes about how the songs came about.He did Tambourine Man, All I Really Wanna Do,Eight Miles High, Chestnut Mare, Bells Of Rhymney,Ballad Of Easy Rider,Wasn't Born To Follow,Turn, Turn ,Turn and lots of other songs from the soundtrack of my life.I know he is really just a folk club act now but i really enjoyed the peace and quiet of the smaller stage away from BLUR and THE PRODIGY and all that carry on.

GEORGIE FAME was the last act on the Acoustic Stage and i can't remember what his first song was.He had his two sons on stage with him to start with.Tristram was on guitar, i can't remember the name of the son on drums.Anyway,the second song was Help Me, and Georgie sang'If you don't help me i'll get Van Morrison out here to help me, cos i can't do it all by myself'.I suddenly got really interested,"He's going to bring on Van the man",i said to Wayne."No he's not",Wayne replied."What odds do you give me?", i asked. "50/1".Wayne replied.One by one other band members came on stage.Alec Dankworth on bass, Guy Barker on trumpet,Alan Skidmore and a brilliant vibraphone player whose name i can't remember.There were at least 4 former members of Vans band on stage,but sadly i realised there wasn't going to be Van.Like Roger earlier Georgie told some interesting stories such as when in the 60's he was invited by Chas Chandler of the Animals to go along to Ken Colyers Jazz club to see a young guitarist who had just come over from America.Georgie took along his drummer.Half an hour later Georgie's drummer Mitch Mitchell had joined the Jimi Hendrix Experience.Tristram then did a brilliant version of Jimi's Red House.Georgie then said he was going to do a song by his former boss and still very good friend Van Morrison.The band then did a supurb 15 minute version of Moondance that veered into Blue Moon and a Paul Robeson song and finally returned to Moondance.It was a helluva lot better than many of the Van live performances of this song i have heard.Still, i was really pleased that the very last song i heard on stage at Glasto 09 was written by the singer i rate above all others.

Afterwards i tried to blag my way backstage with my All Areas wristband and my Site Crew laminate but the security wouldn't have it.It was worth a try though.Then i went back to my friends campsite.It was a bit subdued because we knew the festival was coming to an end but we had a bit of a sing song.Katherine sang a Fleet Foxes song and Bernadette sang a brilliant version of Delirium Tremens by Christy Moore which we all applauded.At 1.30 i decided to knock it on the head and went back to my tent.There was just one day to go...........

The final episode tomorrow.................................................


Katherine said...

Pat don't forget that it wasn't just me and Bernadette singing on sunday night. you and mum did a perfect little rendition of Neil it after the gold rush, well its off that album anway.

Katherine said...
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magsandwayne said...

Patrick, I love the picture of you and Katherine at the start of this instalment.Itwasn't until I made it larger that I noticed Wayne snoozing in the background. He looks so cosy and contented.
I'm sorry the saga has come to an end;Ive really enjoyed it.