Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In The Garden, Part 1

It was a beautiful afternoon today when i got home from work so i thought i would do a bit of work in the garden as i have neglected it the last couple of years and the fresh air and exercise wouldn't do me any harm either.I was out there for about two hours mainly sawing down branches from an overhanging elder tree and cutting it up with my secateurs.Also i have been digging a hole for a new pond.I took out the bath from upstairs last year and put in a new shower and ever since then the bath has been upside down in the garden so i have decided it would make a nice feature in the garden to turn it into a pond.With the soil i have dug up i have been sieving it to get the stones and weeds out and have been putting it into pots ready for a spring sowing..
At about 4.00 i suddenly had the idea to take some photos of this rubbish tip i had created so that people could see how i will transform the garden into a blaze of colour with flowers in the summer with amazing water features and a haven for wildlife.I know what you are thinking,"What a dump",but that is exactly what i want you to think.So don't sneer at my little garden, you watch how it will progress.The small garden can be just as challenging and rewarding as the big garden.As my friend E.F.Shuemacher once said,"Small is beautiful"..By 5.00 it was getting cold so i put my tools in the shed and went for a well deserved pint in the Crown well pleased with my afternoons work.
       I'll take a photo every week and tell you how i am getting on.

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Anonymous said...

We are looking forward to spending time in it in the summer.X