Saturday, March 02, 2013

In The Garden,Part 3.Onward And Upward.

I have had a really good day today.I was up at 8.00 determined to make some dramatic progress.The weather forecast was good with temperatures reaching double figures according to the weatherman so i decided it would be a good day to paint the garden wall and the yard wall and the outside of the kitchen.When you have a tiny garden like mine you have to look at the wall as another area to be cultivated.I had put up two shelves on the wall on Friday afternoon which i am going to put plant pots on but the wall looked really grubby and untidy so i decided it needed painting.I got a large tin of masonary paint.I chose blue to give the garden a Mediterranean look.When i get some sunflowers growing it will look like a painting by Van Gogh.It will be like living in Provence or somewhere like that.
First of all i needed to get all the old peeling flaky paint off so i gave it a vigourous rub down with a wire brush and got all the loose stuff off it.Then i made a start .The difference was spectacular as i hope you can see from the photos.I didn't stop all day.It was quite slow going because i had to work the paint into the rough surface with the brush.There was no way you could use a roller on this surface.It was really enjoyable especially when the sun came out in the afternoon.I didn't stop all day except for the occasional cup of tea and a ciggie while i admired my progress..At 5.00 i went inside to see the football results and my team Peterborough United (The Posh) had beaten Blackburn Rovers 3-2 away from home so i painted P O S H on the wall then washed out my brushes and called it a day well pleased with what i had achieved.

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