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Christy Moore At Glastonbury 2004

Seeing Christy Moore in Bath on Sunday brought back many fond memories of seeing Christy with my late partner Kim.At Glastonbury 2004 we got snapped by the official photographer.We were drenched but it was worth it to see Christy.This is an extract from my account of his performance.
                                                                                                                             Then it was time to make our way to see one of my personal favourites Christy Moore. We got there good and early to get right at the front.Before that though The Bishop Of Bath And Wells came on stage and gave a short speech which was well received.He reminded the audience that during the 3 days of the festival 90.000 children will have died worldwide because of lack of the basic things we take for granted and he urged the audience to support the charities that the festival supports.Thats what many people forget, that Glastonbury is a fundraiser.Each year it gives over £1,000,000 to groups such as OXFAM, GREENPEACE, WATER AID, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and many others.
                                                                                  I think it was 1982 the first time I saw Christy at Glastonbury when he was in the Moving Hearts band and I think 3 times since as a solo artist. The previous time was 1993 when he came on before Lenny Kravitz and The Kinks . I remember that occasion because Chisty sang 'Welcome To The Cabaret' and with his great self -deprecating humour Christy said ,"Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen for coming to see Lennie Kravitz and The Kinks and Christy Moore, i've never heard of him before!".Christy has always been a great supporter of the festival and so it was great to see him back on the Pyramid Stage at 4.00 Sunday afternoon.He hasn't enjoyed the best of health in recent years but Christy seems fighting fit again now. It was also great to see him arrive on stage with great support from Declan Sinnott and Donal Lunny.We were in for a great show. Christy began with the great Before The Deluge, a Jackson Browne song that Christy has made his own. I wonder why he chose that song to open? Had he gotten word backstage about the storm brewing?. He followed that with North And South Of The River, a very moving song about Northern Ireland. This set the tone for the show with Christy opting for songs with a strong political message rather than love songs or the whimsical humorous songs for which he is noted.You will have to excuse me now because I wasn't taking notes and I was merrily drunk so I can't remember every song that Christy sang but he did the following for sure.
Before The Deluge
North And South Of The River
Black Is The Colour (Christy does requests even at Glasto!)
Missing You
Viva La Quinte Brigada (Awesome, My Favourite)
Burning Times
City Of Chicago
Go Move Shift
Hiroshima/Nagasaki Russian Roulette
Yellow Triangle.
A few minutes into the set it began to rain and got heavier until it became a downpour,the crowd stayed though even though they were drenched which is a huge sign of the affection the audience have for Christy.I think the rain even made Christy more determined to entertain the crowd.
"I know its hard but thanks for staying with us, you created a great vibe to work off,"Said Christy.
We all knew what the finish would be.It was of course Lisdoonvarna which was superb and I always like it when Christy name checks my other hero Van Morrison. The song evolved into I'll Tell me Ma and the crowd danced in the mud.All three of them took a bow and walked off in triumph. What a show! As we left John C Scott from the official Glastonbury Website took our photo. I looked like a drowned rat, so we went back to the tent .There was a huge pool of water in it because I had stupidly not done the zip up properly.Then I made a decision..
"Lets go home", I said to Kim.
"What about James Brown?".
""Oh sod James Brown, he's not bothered about seeing us."
We put our belongings in a couple of bags and walked away, abandoning our little faithful little tent.It had done a good job for 4 years but it was knackered and caked in mud.(That was a really bad thing to do, you shouldn't abandon stuff for others to have to clear up)
We got the bus to Castle Cary and the train and were home about 50 minutes after leaving the site.A hot shower and a shave and I went to the pub and the football.That night I watched
about 2 hours of Glasto on the telly,Bonnie Raitt sounded great and Morrissey and I began to regret coming home early.I felt that I'd cheated.Today I washed my wellies with a hosepipe in the garden they were covered in mud. A little bit of Worthy farm will be forever part of my back garden

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