Thursday, July 03, 2014

Review: Glastonbury Festival 2014, Part 2

It was Saturday morning at Glastonbury and another day was about to begin. As I pulled on my wellies I couldn't believe that I had been here 3 days already, the time had gone in a flash. I didn't bother with breakfast today because the queue was too long so a quick wash and a cup of coffee  and I was good to go for another long day. Our team met up by the cider bus to begin work. It was a bit tougher today because of the mud but at least it wasn't raining which is the main thing. Two of the lads in our team turned up late because they had been out all night long raving and they were all loved up. I don't know what they were on but they wanted a group hug before starting work but fair play to them because they got stuck into the work and managed to complete the shift. One incentive on the litter picking is that you find things. Other years I have found a few quid on the ground especially where people have been sat down and along the fronts of the markets but this year I only found 6 pence in total. I did find a  bag one day in the Acoustic area which I handed in because it might have had something really valuable in it. I found some drugs as well but I put them in the rubbish bin because I'm too old for all that carry on. Cider is my drug of choice nowadays. Anyway, our little band of brothers and sisters soon had the markets looking really nice again and the time flew by. We got caught in quite a heavy shower of rain but luckily it was right at the end of the shift so we didn't care and we were provided with waterproof ponchos anyway.

                                                                                                       After lunch which was a tasty bean chili I bought a couple of cans of cider and headed off for a day of music. I caught the end of  a set by Aoife O'Donavan. With a name like that I thought she must be Irish but she is an American singer-songwriter from Brooklyn I believe. I thought she was pleasant without being brilliant but I had never heard her before. I'm not familiar with the songs of a lot of these people. On the main stage I found a female singer-rapper called Angel Haze. Usually this isn't my type of music at all but I thought she was great and had a really good band and the nearer you get to the front the better the music sounds as it pulsates through you.
 I met up with Margaret and Wayne again at Bread And Roses who were chatting with some people from Norway. They were really nice and wanted to know what the American Indian head dresses that were all the rage this year were called. I didn't know but I think it might be war-bonnet.Anyway, that's by the by. After a while we said cheerio to them and took a slow walk to the Field Of Avalon stopping off at the Tiny Tea Tent for a bit of a sit down. We had a couple of drinks in the Avalon Arms and listened outside to Larkin Poe who I'd never heard of. Then I went inside the Avalon Stage tent to hear some of Irish folk legends Dervish who were really good. I arranged to meet up later and took a slow walk back home. On the way I watched Lana Del Rey who I was looking forward too because I have her album. I was disappointed I'm afraid. She is a beautiful girl but seems lacking in personality. At Glastonbury you have to engage with the audience like Elbow had done so brilliantly the night before. Her songs began to sound really samey to me. I think she might have been a bit overwhelmed by the huge crowd and she ought to cheer up a bit. I missed Thea Gilmore as well who I really like to see Lana so I was a bit miffed about that.

                                                                                                                    I tried to tidy myself up a bit back at base because I was beginning to look like a bag of shit. I had a shave but there were no mirrors and I cut myself on my nose. Never mind. After dinner and a bit of a rest I wandered down and caught the last 15 minutes of Robert Plant who has a great new band and sounded really good. I'm going to see him in August so look out for my exclusive review of that.

Then we met up again to see Nick Lowe at the Acoustic. I'm a huge fan of his and have a few albums. I wandered up to the front and met my friend Dave who is even a bigger fan and I think Dave lent me one of Nick's albums many years ago which turned me on to him. Dave thought Nick was great and he was good but although I didn't tell Dave I was slightly disappointed that it was just Nick and his guitar. It would have been great to have a band to fill the sound out a bit. After that we wandered through the Theatre Field and saw some crazy sights in there. I had forgotten my camera so it's hard to describe without visual evidence but you don't need drugs at Glasto because reality is weird enough. We met Dave's wife Sarah by Bella's Bridge. She had been to see the Bad Shepard's and said they were really good. We wandered on and met a man in Dickensian garb on a bicycle playing a piano as an example of the craziness. Dave and Sarah were off to get some food so I said cheerio and wandered on.

                                                                                                                                                I was really tired now so I sat outside a bar on the green for about two hours. I met Neil and Tracey from Westbury who camped with us way back at Glasto 95. The bar had two DJ's on who were from Dublin and a few people were dancing so I went inside.
 " Hello, my name's Pat, my family are Irish as well,from County Mayo, can you play Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison please?".
I went back to my seat and a few minutes later I heard,
"This is for Pat from Mayo", and Brown Eyed Girl was played. Instantly the place was jumping. About a hundred people started dancing. It was great. I stood on my chair and danced along. Then they played some Irish jigs and reels. I sat down because I was knackered.
"Come on Pat, we know you're out there",said the DJ. It was great fun.

                                                                                                           The sun was setting now and on the various stages I still had the choice of  Dexy's Midnight Runners,Jack White,Pixies,Jake Bugg,Goldfrapp, Bryan Ferry or Metallica. I couldn't move though, I was too tired so I had another drink and just sat there and watched the world go by. Eventually it was dark and I thought I had better be going home. I walked through the Pyramid Stage field where Metallica were just about to start. The Rolling Stones had this slot last year and the field was packed but Metallica didn't attract half that audience. I think a lot of people had been put off because they had heard that this band go bear hunting which isn't the ethos of Glastonbury. I bet the other stages were packed though because the audience were somewhere if not here. I'm sure some people enjoyed Metallica though but not me because I went back to my campsite. When I got back I should have gone straight to bed but I didn't, I sat outside the marquee drinking and talking to some really nice people,god knows who they were. What a fabulous day and the best was yet to come.

To be continued.........................................

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