Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Review: Duke Special At Glastonbury 2015.

One of the highlights for me on Friday at Glastonbury was seeing Duke Special on the Acoustic Stage at 4.25. They had only allocated Duke a short slot of less than an hour but he certainly made the most of it. After Stornaway's performance it began to rain quite heavily so a lot of people took shelter in the huge marquee of the Acoustic Stage so I think Duke was fortunate to have a larger audience than he might have had otherwise and I think a lot of them would have left as fans because his set was great.
                                                                                                                                                    I have seen him twice before, In Bristol and at a friends party and have two of his albums but I wouldn't say I was an expert on his music. I promised a couple of friends who are big fans of Duke that I would write a review of his performance but it was nearly two weeks ago now so you will have to forgive any mistakes or things I have forgotten.The previous occasions I have seen Duke it was just himself and a piano but at Glastonbury he  also had a drummer and a guitarist with him.The drummer looked a really interesting character with the drums adorned with all sorts of strange gadgets on them.

                                                                                              The first song that Duke performed was Going In A Field  by the late great Ivor Cutler. It was originally on Ivor's 1967 album called Ludo.I think Duke must be a huge fan of Ivor because I have heard him sing other songs of his. I remember seeing Ivor myself at a festival in Cornwall called The Elephant Fayre back in the early 80's. That was followed by Nail On The Head from Dukes new album Look Out Machines which I haven't heard yet. The next song was called Hand Of Man and Duke said it was about a train. It is from the album Under The Dark Cloth. An album inspired by the work of pioneering American photographers. One of my own personal favourite songs of Duke followed, Last Night I Nearly Died, But I Woke Up Just In Time. I think Duke was driving home from a gig one night and fell asleep at the wheel which inspired the song. Another song from the new album was next and Duke said it was about Belfast and was called In A Dive.I must get that album because the songs sound great. Next up was Duke's version of Alabama Song also known as Whiskey Bar which was originally a poem by Bertold Brecht and set to music by Kurt Weill. It was originally sung by Lotte Lenya I think and has also been recorded by The Doors and David Bowie. Anyway I really liked Duke's version. Duke then made a little speech about the importance of everyone being creative in what ever way they can. I have certainly took it to heart because I haven't stopped writing since I got home from Glastonbury. Then he sang a song which I think is called Salvation Tambourine. I put in my notebook, " Fecking great", so it must have been good !.The great song Freewheel was next. Then there was a short silly fun song where the drummer came to the front of the stage and played a weird instrument that I suspect he made himself and Duke sang lyrics like 'Glastonbury, Glastonbury, we're so happy to be here' or something like that.

                                  Duke finished his set with the great Digging An Early Grave. At the end of the song he leaned the piano over further and further till it finally crashed to the floor sending his plastic bottle of wine flying. Then he jumped off the stage, climbed the barrier and threw himself into the audience who held him aloft and carried him around until finally returning him to the stage. What a great ending. The set wasn't really long enough but I thought it was brilliant and I'm sure Duke made quite a few new fans after that performance. Hopefully I might get the chance to see Duke again when I go to Belfast in August. I'll look forward to that.

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