Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: Robert Plant At Glastonbury Abbey 9/8/2014

It had rained heavily on Saturday but had stopped by 4.30 when I set off for Glastonbury with my friends Jacquie, Chrissie and Chris. It was Chris actually who got me back into listening to Robert Plant when he gave me a copy of the Raising Sand album with Alison Krauss. It only took 40 minutes to get to Glastonbury and parking was quite easy considering there was a sell-out crowd of 9,900 in the magnificent setting of Glastonbury Abbey. We met up with Redders who is an old punk rocker and had cycled there from Westbury and then Odele who I met on the recycling team at Glastonbury Festival and our little gang was complete.We had brought some chairs and Jacquie and Chrissie had brought some nice  food for a picnic which Odele added to so we were all set for a great night.
The first band on were the Wildflowers who I had never heard of until a couple of weeks ago when I looked them up on Youtube. They were quite good but after a while I lost interest and spent more time talking to my friends.

The next act though I thought was really good. His name is George Ezra. He is only young but his voice sounds a lot older than him and is almost impossible to define. He played a great set. I think my favourite songs were Cassie-O and his hit single Budapest.

Finally it was time for Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters.

What a great band they are. Robert Plant has moved on from Led Zeppelin and is trying to be more experimental in the music infusing it with African tribal rhythms and using instruments I had never seen before.The band are  Justin Adams on guitar, John Baggot on keyboards, Juldeh Camara on ritti which is a one stringed African violin,Kologo on African banjo and drum, Billy Fuller on bass, Dave Smith on drums and Skin Tyson on guitars. He still does some Led Zeppelin songs but they are transformed with trance psychedelic rhythms  His voice sounds as great as ever but more restrained and better for it in my opinion. I usually write a set-list but I didn't bother on this occasion because I wasn't sure of the names of the songs. I really enjoyed a song called Rainbow though and Little Maggie. Whole Lotta Love/Who Do You Love was magnificent and Rock And Roll. I went down to front to take a couple of pictures . I really liked Skin Tyson on guitars and banjo.Some of his acoustic playing was wonderful. The whole band were great.The evening ended with a spectacular firework display and we were back home by midnight, tired but happy after a great night.

                                                                             Thank you very much Michael Eavis, Glastonbury Abbey and Robert Plant for a wonderful evening.

 The End.

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