Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dutch Magazine Extracts

The following extracts are from a Dutch music paper called Oor from March 1977.It's a huge article about Van but i haven't a clue what it says.I wonder if any of our Dutch fans can give us some info about the photos etc.




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Anonymous said...

I bet van has been in a few stoush's in his time Pat. May be their slogan"The Angry young Them" was really referring to Van.
I have just been reading Rogans first book on Van and he did seem to be very angry a lot of the time.
Well a lot of people found him very difficult, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Photo #2 is interesting. Van's lenses are quite thick. I'd say he's about as near-sighted as I am.


Anonymous said...

The subscription of the photographs says that Van was very annoyed because people didn't stop asking about Them. The photographers caused him so much irritation, that at last he attacked one of them. The wife of this photographer came in between, but Van didn't hesitate to fight with her.

Kee, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Pat said...

Dear Dutch fan,
Thanks a lot for explaining what is going on in the pictures.I think those photos must be quite rare because i haven't seen them anywhere else.
All the best,

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